"Vegans are" autocomplete suggestions

“Do Vegans Eat Meat?” And Other Google Searches

Vegan Strategist posted on their Facebook page today about how negative Google’s auto-complete suggestions are when you type “vegans are” into the search box. This piqued my interest. I work in marketing, but I’ve never looked at the data for searches about vegans and veganism. We’ve all seen the nice Google trends graphs showing the rise in popularity of veganism, but what are people actually searching?

The range of milk alternatives in supermarkets

Bone Health For Cyclists

I’ve been thinking about cycling and bones quite a bit recently. In theory, I could be in several risk groups. Although I’m male, and women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis than men, I am by my own free will a dairy-free, coffee drinking cyclist. Alarmingly, I’ve read several articles which suggest that all three of these things might be bad news for my bones.

My unmodified Raleigh Twenty on the Train Home

My Raleigh Twenty Project

A little over a year ago, and not for the first or last time, I found my attention lapsing at work. I didn’t have a lot to do that morning and by the time lunchtime finally rolled around my train of thought had, inevitably, drifted almost completely towards bikes. After clicking around for a bit I ended up passing my lunch hour reading about Sheldon Brown’s love of the Raleigh Twenty, a hefty steel bicycle from the 70s with twenty inch wheels.

Our bikes in Blackpool

The East And West Coasts 600km Audax

Last weekend, despite originally turning down a lift to the start point, I took part in and successfully completed ‘The East & West Coasts’ 600km Audax. A huge step up from the 200km rides that I had done before, I was fully expecting to have to bail out half-way through. Happily it didn’t come that, and I enjoyed the weekend enough that I can say with some degree of conviction that I’ll be doing another 600km ride sometime in the not-to-distant future.


Preparing For My First 600km Audax

I would like to think of myself as a long distance cyclist, and compared to some people I might be. All things are relative though, and truth be told, I’m probably more of a medium length cyclist. If I’m completely honest even that might be pushing it. Although I’ve completed a handful of 200km rides and the odd weekend away, I’ve yet to cycle more than 150 miles in any given ride.