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The East And West Coasts 600km Audax

Last weekend, despite originally turning down a lift to the start point, I took part in and successfully completed ‘The East & West Coasts’ 600km Audax. A huge step up from the 200km rides that I had done before, I was fully expecting to have to bail out half-way through. Happily it didn’t come that, and I enjoyed the weekend enough that I can say with some degree of conviction that I’ll be doing another 600km ride sometime in the not-to-distant future.


Preparing For My First 600km Audax

I would like to think of myself as a long distance cyclist, and compared to some people I might be. All things are relative though, and truth be told, I’m probably more of a medium length cyclist. If I’m completely honest even that might be pushing it. Although I’ve completed a handful of 200km rides and the odd weekend away, I’ve yet to cycle more than 150 miles in any given ride.