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“Do Vegans Eat Meat?” And Other Google Searches

Vegan Strategist posted on their Facebook page today about how negative Google’s auto-complete suggestions are when you type “vegans are” into the search box. This piqued my interest. I work in marketing, but I’ve never looked at the data for searches about vegans and veganism. We’ve all seen the nice Google trends graphs showing the rise in popularity of veganism, but what are people actually searching?

All search volumes are global (but I’ve only looked at English language searches) monthly averages based on the last twelve months, June 2016 to May 2017.

Vegans Are Stupid, Annoying, and Crazy

Do people actually search the kind of stuff that people are seeing in the auto-complete list? Apparently they do.

  • “Vegans are stupid”, 1000 searches
  • “Vegans are annoying”, 800 searches
  • “Vegans are crazy”, 210 searches
  • “Vegans are wrong”, 210 searches
  • “Vegans are unhealthy”, 170 searches
  • “Vegans are weak”, 140 searches
  • “Vegans are healthier”, 50 searches
  • “Vegans are right”, 10 searches

It’s good to see that each month 10 people confide in Google that vegans are right. We should get together and have a party. I’ll make houmous.

In fairness we did set ourselves up for this one by starting with “vegans are”, which is an oddly definitive way to start a Google search. It’s somewhat unusual to Google a statement like that and, as a guy called Pedro pointed out in the comments, if you type in “meat eaters are” in the search box the auto-complete suggestions are (for me and him at least) “murderers”, “evil”, “hypocrites”, and “stupid”. None of these get more than 20 monthly searches, but even so, at least auto-complete isn’t conspiring against us.

How Do Vegans Get Protein?

Everyone’s favourite question when they realise you’re vegan. I’m just glad that some people are Googling this rather than asking me directly.

  • “How do vegans get protein?”, 1900 searches
  • “Where do vegans get protein?”, 720 searches
  • “What do vegans eat for protein?”, 590 searches

A lot of people seem to be concerned about whether veganism is healthy in general.

  • “Is being vegan healthy?”, 1600 searches
  • “Are vegans healthy?”, 260 searches

Yes! Yes it is! And there’s not just protein in meat, where do cows get their protein from? Elephants? Rhinos? Hippos?

Do Vegans Eat Honey? Fish? Eggs?

Confusion reigns over exactly what veganism is and what vegans eat and drink.

  • “What do vegans eat?”, 14800 searches
  • “What does vegan mean?”, 6600 searches
  • “What can vegans eat?”, 6600 searches
  • “What do vegans not eat?”, 1600 searches
  • “What are vegans?”, 1000 searches

Do vegans eat meat?

  • “Do vegans eat honey?”, 5400 searches
  • “Do vegans eat fish?”, 4400 searches
  • “Do vegans eat eggs?”, 3600 searches
  • “Do vegans eat cheese?”,1300 searches
  • “Do vegans drink milk?”, 1000 searches
  • “Do vegans eat meat?”, 590 searches
  • “Do vegans eat dairy?”, 480 searches
  • “Do vegans eat butter?”, 320 searches
  • “Do vegans eat chicken?”, 260 searches
  • “Do vegans eat seafood?”, 260 searches

No! Those all come from animals man.

Do vegans eat bread?

  • “Do vegans eat bread?”, 1000 searches
  • “Do vegans eat yeast?”, 590 searches
  • “Do vegans eat pasta?”, 390 searches
  • “Do vegans eat wheat?”, 140 searches

Yes, stop trying to give me gluten free food! Although not all bread is vegan, it usually is, and yeast and wheat are both fine.

Do vegans eat cake?

  • “Do vegans eat chocolate?”, 320 searches
  • “Do vegans eat sugar?”, 260 searches
  • “Do vegans eat cake?”, 40 searches

Yes! We can have our cake and eat it. It’s delicious. Come have a slice.

Do vegans eat tofu?

  • “Do vegans eat rice?”, 260 searches
  • “Do vegans eat tofu?”, 140 searches
  • “Do vegans eat peanut butter?”, 110 searches
  • “Do vegans eat nuts?”, 110 searches
  • “Do vegans eat fruit?”, 110 searches
  • “Do vegans eat beans?”, 70 searches
  • “Do vegans eat vegetables?”, 40 searches

Have you ever met a vegan? Maybe they meant to search “do vegans just eat…”.

What about the important questions?

  • “Do vegans swallow?”, 590 monthly searches


How to Become Vegan?

It’s great that people are learning about veganism, whether that be finding out if we eat meat or looking into all the health benefits. Knowledge is power, and just look at how many people are finding out how to go vegan every month.

  • “Going vegan”, 14800 searches
  • “Becoming vegan”, 9900 searches
  • “How to become vegan”, 8100 searches
  • “How to go vegan”, 6600 searches
  • “How to be vegan”, 5400 searches
  • “How to become a vegan”, 3600 searches
  • “How to be a vegan”, 2400 searches

Going vegan is easy! Check out The Vegan Society’s guide on going vegan and find some local groups on Facebook where you can ask for advice on the best places to shop and eat in your area.

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